Monday, 20 October 2014

Having an relationship with people with kids?

It is hard to date men or woman with children, but as a female I have seen it is harder for a woman to date a guy with kids. I have noticed the mother has more power over the child's rights which cause's the mother to be able to black male the father into doing what she wants.

Being with someone with kids has caused allot of arguments and problems between relationships as you always get treated second best and the mother of the child normally gets put first.

Mosts guys do not know how to balance  a respectful  relatonship between the mother or his child and his current girlfriend. At the end of the day your ex is your ex whether you have a child with them or not. Your relationship with them no longer exsist when you left. Men or Woman do not have to have a close relationship with there ex partners because they have a kid.

I know there is allot of mothers and fathers but especially mother's making it hard for there ex's to date other woman but its always ok for the mother to go off with other men and allow them to raise another mans kids.

I notice the law really does not have allot of support for men who are dealing with ex's black mailing them just to being able to see there kids, not just that the amount of money men have to pay towards there children are ridiculas and so unfair. This has to stop and social services really needs to supports mens rights to see there kids.

One thing is so stupid the law expects men to pay 15% of his (never her) salary towards each child which is stupid and unfair. The mother normally takes most of this money and spends it on themselves. A child needs love and yes food, nappys and so on but they do not need to claim no more then £50 a week per child. I seen fathers having to fork out like £200 a week per child how expensive is this child??? Growing up with 3 brothers and sisters all we needed was food and shelter and we was fine. My parents hardly had anything but we didn't need it. There are to many spoilt children in this world and we do not need to encourage it!

If you are going through the same situation please share your experiences and any advice that you have!